Today’s economic challenges have forced many organizations to cut costs and trim their workforce. As a result, there are millions of Americans looking for jobs. Many are having a tough time finding jobs or advancing in their field because they simply do not have the skills required to succeed. SLT TECHNOLOGIES aims to launch innovative training and development programs to develop new IT talent in the State of Louisiana. This will include individuals who may not have a college degree or who are currently working towards completing one. It has been stated that the tech industry salaries is one of the highest average pay for all private-sector jobs overall. Individuals with non-degree certifications in computer or information technology earned more than workers with traditional degrees. We have developed quality programs that help strengthen soft skills and enhance professional development.


These programs address the growing shortage of skilled employees in the global technology industry by enabling educational programs to be offer. Individuals who are becoming IT professionals can gain valuable job security by earning a qualified certification.


SLT objectives for our Training Solutions:

  • Giving Skills to Today's Workforce for Tomorrow
  • Give Individuals Job Skills in an Increasingly Competitive Work Environment
  • Secure Transition to Successful Careers in becoming IT professionals
  • Gain valuable job security by earning a IT certification